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Unit 11, Heart of the Country Shopping Village, Swinfen, Lichfield, WS14 9QR, United Kingdom

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The Jasmine Fairy is made of the highest grade Silver Needle green tea, jasmine flowers and Marigold. It is handmade in China by skilled Artisans to produce a delicately aromatic, flavorful cup of tea. When brewed, the artistic tea ball opens slowly to reveal the yellow marigold petal coming out like a furbelow of fairy’s dress, while the jasmine flowers dance in the water gracefully like a fairy.


Ingredient: Silver Needle Green Tea 80%; Jasmine Flower 11%; Marigold 9%


Size / Quantity

    Time 1 - 3 minutes
    Temp 75° - 80° C
    Qty 1 piece / 1 serving
  • China - Huangshan Anhui