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This 194 ha farm owned by Pedro Humberto Veloso houses four families. It is located in the Mineiro region, known as Mata do Salgado. The area boasts very rich soil with abundant organic matter. This relatively small farm is surrounded by forests and as a result has a unique microclimate. The farm is all irrigated by a drip system, distributing its water in swimming pools.

This single origin coffee bean is Rainforest alliance and UTZ certified. UTZ is a sustainability program for coffee, cocoa and tea that operates in conjunction with existing brands. Farmers can improve their productivity, product quality and efficiency by taking care of people and the environment. This allows them to produce larger volumes at lower costs, which improves the standard of living of farming communities. Consumers can enjoy their favorite brand while contributing to a sustainable world.

Farm: Mata do Salgado

Altitude: 1109 masl
Location: Cerrado minas Gerais
Preparation: Natural
Variety: Red Catuai




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