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Remember, Remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder Treason and plot

It's highly unlikely we will be able to blow up the Houses of Parliament with our Gunpowder, however, this tea is a real taste explosion. We love this strong and tangy green tea from Zheijang, south of Shanghai which is given its’ name due to the fact it is rolled into a small round pellet giving it the resemblance of grains of gunpowder and, which are said to crackle as the leaves unfurl when being brewed.

Gunpowder also known as “Pearl Tea” has been production since the Tang Dynasty (618-907) The leaves are withered, steamed and then dried. The best grades of Gunpowder are still rolled by hand, butmost today a carefully dried in rotating drums, giving it its distinctive shape.

As you may know we also have a little vegetarian cafe called Nourish @ The Lichfield Tea Company, so we are not adverse to a little bit of food and tea pairing and we know that our Gunpowder Green works very well alongside smoked or barbecued foods, so I don't know about you but that sounds like you've got bonfire night sorted to me! Also, if you are popping in for brunch or lunch this week why not try our smokey baked beans with a pot of gunpowder green the perfect combo.

Have a great night and stay safe

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