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Sunny September Specials

And just like that we are nearly halfway September! Our tea specials this month are the perfect selection to refresh you on the last of our sunny days and keep you cosy as the nights begin to draw in…

Don’t forget, our monthly tea specials all have 10% off with an exclusive discount code. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to receive each month’s code to treat yourself to new tea flavours you maybe wouldn’t have explored before!

Peach and Ginger

This is an absolutely perfect transitional tea as the weather starts to change thanks to the juicy peach flavours and warming tingle of ginger. With apple pieces, honeydew melon cubes and rose petals amongst the ingredients, it’s delicious over ice if you’re still hanging on for summer drinks!

Lady Marmalade

Thanks to the combination of sweet black tea infused with subtly bitter wafer-thin orange peel will instantly make you think of toast and marmalade in the morning! It makes a perfect mid-morning cup of tea and will keep some sunshine in your day as we move into autumn.

White Monkey

This green tea takes its name from its unusual origins! Originally grown in altitudes in Fujian, China, the trees were so high that monkeys were trained to pluck the tea! What makes this tea so special is the slight nuance of honey against the light green infusion from a tougher, slightly fluffy tea leaf. It’s considered to be one of the world’s top class speciality teas and makes an ideal gift for the green tea lover in your life.

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