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Teas from around the world in the heart of the Midlands

It goes without saying that we’re pretty passionate about tea at The Lichfield Tea Company and love sourcing teas from all over the globe to our shop in Lichfield. China may have introduced the world to tea, but we take a look at the heritage of some of our favourite teas.


Instantly recognisable from its warming effect and soft spiced flavours, chai tea has a rich history. The name ‘chai’ originates from the Hindi word for ‘tea’ and is believed to have originated over 5,000 years ago in India! Traditional spices in chai tea include cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, cloves, ginger, fennel and peppercorn, and it was originally drank as a herbal medicine. Over generations, chai tea recipes have been adapted and developed, including the creation of the popular milky chai latte.


Chai Pure: Our beautiful traditional chai blend hails from Indonesia and we all agree it’s hard to say no to a second cup! The warming spices make it the ultimate comforting tea, plus the herbs and spices in the blend also act as a natural digestive aid.#

Green Chai: New in to TLC, our green chai from China has less intensity than a black chai tea, but still has the spicy aroma of cloves you would expect from chai tea. It also makes a delicious iced tea thanks to the fresh mint in the blend!

Red Chai: The mellow taste of African Redbush tea makes an ideal base for the rich, spicy chai ingredients. Packed with aniseed, ginger and cinnamon, and utterly delicious!


There is some debate over this tea, as it is usually recognised as a Japanese tea, but it actually originated in China. Over 900 years ago, Chinese Zen Buddhist monks popularised the ritual of preparing matcha tea and shared it with Japan in the 11th century. Ever since, matcha tea has reamained a prominent part of Japanese culture. Even the word matcha originates from Japanese: “ma” means ground while “cha” means tea!


Japanese Genmaicha: This tea is fantastic for those who are sensitive to caffeine as it has a naturally low caffeine content, which also explains why it is popular as an afternoon tea in Japan! “Genmai” means “natural rice” which makes up 50% of this unique tea. This speciality blend is made from Bancha tea and has a lovely sweet, nutty, caramel taste.

Organic Matcha Ujicha: A truly stunning tea. During its preparation, the shining, emerald green Matcha unfolds intensive, matt-green shades, which are crowned by its grass green, creamy foam. The scent is sweetish and fruity, and its taste aromatic and full-bodied.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Over centuries, mint tea has become part of everyday culture not only in Morocco, but also in countries such as France and North Africa. There are lots of traditional rituals around preparing Moroccan Mint Tea and to receive it as a guest is a gesture of being truly welcome at the host’s home.


Moroccan Mint Tea: Ok, ok, our Moroccan Mint Tea hails from China, but we promise our high quality gunpowder tea blended with crisp peppermint is incredible. To add some Moroccan flair, lift your teapot high when pouring, as this is believed to help aerate the tea.

Cool Mint: This unique tea from Germany is infused with liquorice root, apple pieces, lemongrass and peppermint, for a rich yet refreshing drink.

Earl Grey

It’s believed this popular fragrant tea is named after Charles Grey, an English aristocrat who was Prime Minister between 1830 and 1834. Bergamot oil is the key ingredient for that instantly recognisable flavour, and Earl Grey is still traditionally enjoyed black with a lemon slice, or with a splash of milk. At LTC we love an Earl Grey and it’s certainly not just for special occasions!


Earl Grey Blue Flower: Our core Earl Grey blend has the natural oil of bergamot and is enhanced by bright blue mallow blossoms which are believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.

Duchess Grey: This new blend is a brilliant alternative for Earl Grey lovers looking to try something new. Our Duchess Grey tea is lively and flavoured with piquant lemon, for a fragrant, refreshing twist on a classic Earl Grey.

These are just a handful of our global teas, so check out our online shop for more, or pop in and see us to talk about our teas in more detail. (And enjoy a slice of cake whilst you’re there too!)

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