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Eight quirky teas you HAVE to try!

At The Lichfield Tea Company we love something a little different and have a selection of unusual and exotic teas, all imported and hand packed in Lichfield. Here’s a few of our favourites…

As the name suggests, this is a tea to be treasured! This unique tea is a blend of finest black and green teas enriched by noble, blazing colours. Once brewed, the flavour is full of sweet fruits worthy of an emperor. As a bonus fact, ever since the Middle Ages, the number seven has been the numeric symbol of perfection and completeness in the world!

A dreamy blend to match the dreamy name! Cloud Catcher is packed with exotic fruit flavours including juicy cranberries, crunchy coconut flakes, kiwi and sour cherries. The bright, sunny flavours are guaranteed to blow away any dark clouds…

We’re suckers for maple syrup on pancakes so can’t resist this tea! The classic combination of crunchy walnuts and sweet Canadian maple syrup beautifully enhances the deep Oolong tea base.

A tea that is as delicate as its name suggests! Also known as Xue Ya, this is a rare white tea grown on the high mountain peaks of the northern Fujian Province. The hand harvested one leaf and a bud is covered with a silvery white down that is indicative of a fine quality white tea. The end result has nuances of both green and white tea with a full, smooth flavour.

We absolutely love blooming teas and this one is particularly beautiful. Once steeped in near-boiling water the tea ball blooms like a real flower into a high-rising of globe amaranth on a tray of green leaves. The flowers have a truly captivating scent whilst the fresh tea leaves produce a wonderful, balance aroma and taste.

The name "Gunpowder" was given to this speciality tea because of its rolled leaves which have the form of balls and if the rolled tea leaves are brewed, they begin to crackle! The tea is very original in taste, with a very strong and tangy aroma. If you find this tea too strong, you may pour away the first brew. The second one then offers the tender soul of the tea. By the way, in North Africa the first brew is served with a mint leaf, a tea "à la menthe" so to speak.

You heard us right. A tea that tastes like strawberry shortcake biscuits! Our fruity infusion is a perfect blend of tangy strawberries balanced with cream and vanilla and is absolutely perfect after a meal or when a sweet craving hits.

When you’re feeling under the weather all you want is something hot and soothing to feel better. This herbal blend has notes of fennel and aniseed, with a mild and slightly sweet taste that will get you through any rainy day.

These are just a small selection of our unique teas, so if you’re looking for something different for yourself or the tea lover in our life, be sure to browse our full online selection or pop into our store to try them as well!

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